Amy Cotton

Amy is TLN's CRT Project Officer. She's working with Max Grarock, Project Director, TLN.

Amy worked extensively as a CRT in government and non government schools. She has volunteered with her teaching association, English Teachers Association NSW, since 2005 and now is an elected director. Her focus as a director has been the provision of PD to regional and rural areas of the state, promoting inclusion of CRTs and working with early career teachers.

She took a job at the NSW Institute of Teachers working in the area of professional development policy and provision. After this she worked with the NSW Independent Education Union to create the largest free professional development program in the state, accessible to all but especially designed to assist CRTs and early career teachers with registration requirements.

Amy is working with TLN in 2017 to implement the CRT project. She remains a firm believer that the education system, and our nation’s children’s learning, is enhanced by the professionalism, flexibility and dedication of CRTs.

You can follow Amy on Twitter — @amycottonteach or join her on Facebook.